Residential Awnings

Verti-Shade is proud to service Kenora and the Lake of Woods area with great awning products, manufactured right here in Canada.

We know our products well and get to see some of our earlier awnings still going strong years later, which is a testament to the value of an awning.

Awnings are a perfect compliment to your patio, entrance way, or windows. There is an application for almost all kinds of shade and shelter needs.

Our awnings come from Toronto from two major, well established manufactures. Rolltec Awnings and Aristocrat Shade Products.

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Rolltec® awnings is the leading Canadian manufacturer of upscale retractable awnings. Since their startup in 1984, Rolltec® has proven to be an industry leader in motorized canvas awnings by providing the highest caliber in quality of products and customer service.

Diversity in solar protection is key at Aristocrat Shade Products, they manufacture a full line of custom crafted awnings and solar screens – commercial or residential to withstand the severity of today’s climate.

We provide on-site consultations to discuss the options and locations of your awnings to ensure your awnings are mounted correctly and above all, shade orientated.

Contact us to arrange an appointment or provide your measurements for a basic quote.