Automated Blinds

Verti-Shade is proud to be a Hunter Douglas Certified Motorization Specialty Store. To meet certification a candidate must be nominated by their representative from Hunter Douglas to ensure their company has the capacity to support large motorization projects.

Prior to certification, a dealer must commit to a certain number of displays in their store with motorization and a continuous learning experience, to offer the best support and service in the industry.

Hunter Douglas has an extensive brand with more fabric and design choices than any other brand. With a harmony among products and a more economical solution for motorization compared to other brands; their size allows for better pricing with more choices to fit your unique design needs.

It’s a natural fit for Verti-Shade


There are numerous reasons and the more common answer is “there are too many windows to go and operate individually. I want a solution that is easy ”.

We also find customers that have individual blinds motorized due to mobility issues. From inaccessible windows due to height or blinds tied into home automation,  motorized blinds are more commonly found in everyday homes and feature-rich smart homes.

Motorized blinds make life easier


There are many excellent reasons why homeowners increasingly choose motorized products to meet their window covering needs. These include:

  • Convenience: The ease of operating motorized window coverings makes them much more convenient to use In fact, studies have shown that motorized window coverings are more likely to be used to control light levels, as well as to insulate and control solar heat gain,
  • Accessibility: Motorized window coverings are perfect for hard-to-reach window locations where manual operation is difficult or not possible,
  • Appearance: Motorized window coverings have no manual operation devices (such as pull cords or chains) to detract from their appearance,
  • Safety: Motorized window coverings reduce the potential safety risks associated with pull cords or chains,
  • Automation: Hard-wired motorized window coverings offer many automation options, including the ability to be integrated with lighting or home automation systems, which offers enhanced energy and cost savings.
    • Window coverings can be programmed to operate at appropriate times of the day to help decrease energy usage in the home.
    • Homeowners can simplify operation of automated components by using just one command to initiate multiple actions
    • Automated security operation while homeowners are away can provide the appearance that a home is occupied to deter intruders.

Verti-Shade is certified and authorized to sell Hard-Wired Motorization products from Hunter Douglas.

Hunter Douglas blends the beauty of their products with the technology of hard-wired motorization. Our customers can choose from an extensive line of premium products enhanced by the exceptional performance, reliability, convenience and automation options offered with hard-wired motorization.

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  • All Hunter Douglas window fashions are backed by the Hunter Douglas Lifetime Guarantee, which includes a Lifetime Limited Warranty.
  • Hunter Douglas motorization components are covered for five years from date of purchase.
  • Verti-Shade is here to support your project in the LOTWs area. It’s important to note that occasionally your motorized blinds may need a specialist to help program a new function or discuss any faults you may encounter.

Having a local expert will make your experience more enjoyable