Security Shutters

Your Confidence Secured

Pentagon security shutters are custom-built to fit your application. Their design team ensure you will always get the most advanced roll shutter when you buy Pentagon.

Pentagon’s state-of-the-art automatic production facility enables shutters to be manufactured very quickly. Shutters are shipped within 5 working days.


Today’s rising crime dictates that we create solutions to protect our environment without compromise.

  • Protects windows while stopping intruders.
  • Eliminating glass breakage reduces ongoing maintenance costs.
  • No disruptions caused by emergency clean-ups/board ups.
  • Control the level of sunlight entering the room, making interior blinds obsolete.


Pentagon shutters effectively comply with Federal, State and Provincial laws relating to the securing of liquor, tabacco and pharmaceuticals.

  • Maintenance free.
  • Stops identity theft from patient records.
  • Easy manual or motorized operation available.
  • Product and record storage protection during off hours.


Effortlessly creating a secure barrier to protect your work environment while you’re away.

  • Protects you from crimes of opportunity.
  • One time application means guaranteed payback.
  • Vision – Open when you’re closed means increased sales.
  • Unobstructed view when they are open – unlike window bars.

Protect Your Investment

Aesthetically pleasing shutters add beauty and value to your property.

  • Deter intruders giving peace of mind.
  • Reduced insurance costs.
  • Shield from extreme weather conditions.
  • Insulated shutters provide energy saving, summer and winter.

Comfort Benefits

Easy to operate roller screens allow you to relax in peace.

  • Roller screens keep out solar heat gain reducing energy costs.
  • You can still enjoy the views with Pentagon roller screens.
  • Effectively blocking the damaging effects of sunlight.
  • Pentagon roller screens are built to last, with precision for the perfect fit every time.